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Literacy and Liberation
English | By Septima Clark, 1964

Writing A Check
Undated. Unsigned (probably SCLC Citizenship Education Program)

Depositing Money In the Bank
Undated. Unsigned (probably SCLC Citizenship Education Program)

Citizenship Education Program
Brochure SCLC. 1962

Citizenship Schools Class Workbook
(GA) 19620

Citizenship Education in the “Heart of the Iceberg”
(MS), Annell Ponder, SCLC. Undated (probably 1963)

Citizenship Training Workshops
Unsigned, SCLC. Undated 1963

Certificate of Attendance, Victoria Gray, August 1963

Citizenship schools teacher training application form 

Citizenship Schools organizing materials 

Citizenship Schools Class Workbook, generic, non-state-specific 

Citizenship Schools Activities Ideas & Plans 
SCLC. 1964

SCLC Citizenship Education Program 
(Mississippi), Annell Ponder. 1964

COFO Citizenship School flyer 
Undated 19640

Dear Citizenship Teacher 
October 12, 1964

The Citizenship Education Program 
SCLC. (Unsigned, undated, probably from the mid-1960s)

Political Workshop in Sunflower Led
English | By Mrs. Victoria Gray, SCLC Citizenship Education Report report, May 7, 1966

Letter to Secretary of Commerce, Carl Farris
SCLC-CEP. July 25 196700

The Birth of the Citizenship Schools: Entwining the Struggles for Literacy and Freedom
English | By David Levine

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