Pedagogy of the Oppressed was written by Paulo Freire in 1967–1968 and remains one of the two or three most cited texts in social science bibliographies to this day. But what was Freire doing in the years leading up to this book? Who were his closest collaborators? What were they trying to learn/teach/build? And what are the lessons for Brazil and the world today?

Our next documentary, aimed for completion by mid-2023,
aims to explore these questions and more …

Paulo Freire
Paulo Freire

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Edited by Iris de Oliveira and Renato Maia
Produced by Micaela Ovelar
Directed by Catherine Murphy
Produced in collaboration with the Paulo Freire Institute and Bela Films


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Bibliography of Paulo Freire
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Bibliografia de Paulo Freire
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Bibliografía de Paulo Freire
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