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Maestra News | May 2016

Dear Maestra friends and family,

We began the month with a celebration of International Workers Day / Día del Trabajador and the month has been full of celebrations, new developments and fertile collaborations.

This spring we moved into a new office in the Gateway Arts District in Maryland; we’re hosting Luisa Campos’ U.S. tour; we’ll be at the LASA conference in NYC connecting with our colleagues from across Latin America; and we continue to screen Maestra from MD to to DC to New Mexico to NYC.

In Cuba and beyond, MAESTRA continues to inspire. We are delighted to continue sharing this story and thank you for sharing the road with us.

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Un Abrazo,

Catherine Murphy and the Maestra Team

Full house at Maestra screening at Bloom Bar with the Africa World Project

In this Issue:

Upcoming Screenings

New Office!

Luisa Campos US Tour

Latin AmericanStudies Association Conference in NYC

Literacy Project Volunteer @ 826 Valencia

MAESTRA DVD for $19.95!

Body’s in Question at CSA in Haiti

THE ISSUES: Education | Social Justice | Cuba

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May & June Screenings

May 16, 2016 @ 7pm
Creative Studio Edge Collaborative 
Hyattsville Library Independent Film Series
Hyattsville, Maryland

May 24, 2016
Africa World Project, Washington DC

May 31, 2016 @ 10:30AM
Screening with Norma Guillard @ Education in the Americas: Knowledges and Perspectives
Columbia University, NYC

June 4, 2016
People’s Film Festival, East Harlem, NYC

Keep up with our upcoming screenings HERE

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New Office @ Gateway Arts District in MD

The Literacy Project has a new home in Mount Rainier, MD in the Art Lives Here Incubator part of the Gateway Arts District

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Luisa Camposon a US Tour

The Literacy Project is sponsoring along with Penn State Goodling Center for Family LiteracyWILPF, the US Women and Cuba Collaboration and others – an eight week tour for Luisa Campos, director of the Havana Literacy Museum.

Luisa is touring New Mexico, the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and Northeast, presenting on the YO SI PUEDO program, and the work of the National Literacy Museum.

For details on her tour, click HERE

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LASA International Congress 2016

Summer Volunteer @ 826 Valencia

The International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association is in NYC May 27-30. We’re looking forward to great presentations and events throughout the city by many of our friends including Norma Guillard, Danae Diguez, the U.S. Women and Cuba Collaboration, Bach Media and many more!

We’re excited to have Madi Lusk volunteer with us this summer in collaboration with 826 Valencia, a youth literacy organization in San Francisco.

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Body/s in question
@ Caribbean Studies Association Conferenc

This June, Alison Kibbe will be at the Caribbean Studies Association Annual Conference in Port-au-Prince, Haiti sharing body/s in question, a performance and research project about her family’s stories of migration between Jamaica, Cuba, Panama and the U.S. as a doorway to examining questions of race, belonging, memory and cross-Caribbean identity.

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New Price!

Women Make Movies will now sell MAESTRA for the at-home DVD price of $19.95. We’re thrilled that this story is now more accessible. Buy here.

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The Issues:

Education | Social Justice | Cuba

Afro-Cuban Activists Fight Racism Between Two Fires

Sujatha Fernandes’ take on current day activism against racial discrimination in Cuba. Read More

Animated Shorts Celebrate Indigenous Languages

These gorgeous animated shorts celebrate 7 of Mexico’s indigenous languages.

Detroiter realizes dream of becoming doctor in Cuba

Detroiter Samantha Moore speaks about her experience in medical school in Cuba on Michigan Public Radio.
Read more

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We are raising funds to continue  distributing Maestra and to expand The Literacy Project’s work in documenting the role of literacy in social justice movements across the Americas. Follow us on social media, share with your friends, and please consider making a donation to support our work.
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