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Help Us Share this Story for Years to Come!

Happy Holidays to our Maestra Friends and Family!

As 2015 winds to a close, we would like to ask you to consider supporting an exciting opportunity for our work in the New Year.

MAESTRA features the stories of eight young women, but our team has conducted over 100 interviews about The Cuban Literacy Campaign in the last 12 years – on both video and audio.

This archive is a unique resource for students, educators and researchers. Undergrads, Masters students, and PhD candidates have accessed our archives for their research. Two PhD students are using our interviews as first-hand sources on the Cuban Literacy Campaign and will be included in their dissertation work. We have also helped them advance their own original work on the topic.

As a result of working with students, a leading US university learned about our unique archive and wants to acquire it for their collection. 

This is a huge opportunity for us and will ensure that the oral history archive that we collected over the past 12 years will be preserved and continue to inform scholarship and activism for years to come.

In order to preserve our over 100 hours of video and audio interviews, we are asking your support to help finance the digitization process.

Your gift of any size will help us reach this goal and ensure that the power of these stories live on.

What Can Your Gift Do?



  • Cover partial cost of digitizing one video interview. It costs $125 for each interview tape – so if 250 of our supporters each donated $25, we could digitize all our video tapes!


  • Transcribe one interview.


  • Digitize one interview.


  • Buy one external hard drive (3TB) to store the interviews. We will need three of these drives.


  • One week project assistant to build database.


  • Fund transcripton of ALL of our interviews.

A generous supporter just pledged a $5000 matching grant which we hope to double with community support!
Your gift can have double the impact if you donate before the end of 2015!

We hope you will consider making this project a part of your end of year giving.

Our work to spread stories of literacy, youth activism and social justice is made possible through the support of our community – including you! – who believe in the power of this work to make positive change.

You can donate to our ongoing efforts on the follow button.

You can also send a check if you’d prefer. For more info on this or questions, write us at

Un Abrazo,
Catherine Murphy and the Maestra Team

*Gifts of $250 or more are tax-deductible, but only when made through the Maestra page at Women Make Movies, our fiscal sponsor.

We’re grateful for all that 2015 has brought and are looking forward to 2016!
Join us for another year of storytelling.
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Donations over $250 are tax deductible if paid to our fiscal sponsor Women Make Movies,